How does this video thing work?

Schools, Dance Studios, Sports Leagues, Youth Organizations


1. Set your video session date and time with United Portraits

2. Flyers are sent home to parents to opt-in for participation on the session date (we ONLY film videos of interested parents whom have given permission)

3. Children are called to the mini-movie video area as we are ready for them. Instruction time interruption is minimal.

4. Mini-Movie Videos are edited, and instructions are sent to parents for viewing/purchase.



1. Take note of the date that your organization has set for filming.

2. Sign up online. We only make mini-movie videos for children who have signed up. We need parent permission to make a video of your child.

3. Your child will be called down to the mini-movie video area, and their video will be filmed.

4. You’ll view your Mini-Movie Video after it has been edited at using your United Portraits Account.

I'd like to sign up my organization!

We only work with select organizations. If you are interested in this product from United Portraits, please send us your contact information. We'll reach out to you to determine if we are a good fit for your organization.

I want a Mini Movie Video for my child!

United Portraits only works with select organizations. All mini-movie videos are done on location at your organization. If your school already has a mini-movie video session date set, you can sign up your child online.