It's time for something new.

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Shouldn’t your child’s memories be more than just pictures?

Pictures have been around for ages. We think it’s time that we try something more innovative.

We create living memories of your child, at that moment in time. Hear their voice, watch them move.

Remember the places they grew up, went to school, learned to read, and where they made your favorite art project out of macaroni.

Your child is the spotlight.

We spend time with each child to capture their thoughts, surroundings, and ultimately your memories of them as they grow up.

Photos are so yesterday.

Add to your collection of hundreds of photos you already take every year. Watch your child grow up every year, hear their voice change, and listen to their changing desires.
“My 2nd graders video was adorable! I cried. I absolutely love watching it over and over. I can’t wait for this every year.”
Tammy Ardar

Parent, Washington School

“What a great idea! This is perfect for our families around the holidays. It’s quick and efficient and doesn’t interrupt our school day.”
Harry Milan

Administrator, Lincoln Elementary

Let memories tell a story.

Watch them mature, hear them, and feel your child grow up. Year after year.